Hearing Services

Our sense of hearing involves a complex system organs and nerves that allow us to discern an amazing number of sounds and pitches. Over time, or due to injury or disease, hearing can deteriorate to the point that it disrupts our daily lives. If you experience a hearing loss, the first step toward better hearing is taking a hearing test.

  • Evaluation for Hearing Aids

    The result of many hearing tests indicates the need for a hearing device. This is not always the case, but hearing loss that requires electronic hearing help is quite common; hearing loss is one of the most prevalent health problems in the nation.

    Sound Advice audiologists are trained to evaluate hearing loss and recommend the best solution for you. Evaluation for hearing aids involves several tests and questions about your life and lifestyle, hearing environments and unique problems hearing speech and other complex sounds. When this is done, you can be confident that our hearing devices will perform exactly as they are designed.

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  • Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

    Our audiologists test for hearing ability and evaluate the results, but that is just the beginning. If hearing aids are recommended, we will help you through the detailed process to find the best device for your needs. Hearing aids are tested and re-tested as you wear them. These tiny electronic instruments have many features, each of which is calibrated to your specific needs.

    We will show you how to use and care for your hearing aids and how to change batteries (if you purchase battery-operated ones). There are many styles, sizes and types of hearing aids. Our audiologists make sure all the details are taken care of. Contact Sound Advice Audiology today for a complete evaluation.

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  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

    Delicate electronic instruments need care and maintenance and could need repairs. The tiny components and wires can break. We can diagnose and repair hearing aids of all kinds. Often, the repair can be done while you wait; at other times, we might send the device to an authorized repair center. Either way, you can count on our expertise to solve any problem you might have.

    Some problems are a result of improper cleaning and storage; sometimes, the batteries have simply run out. We can show you all the proper maintenance procedures and usage tips for your hearing aids.

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  • Hearing Tests

    A basic hearing test is painless and brief and can tell our audiologist the type and extent of your loss. This is one step in the process of a hearing evaluation, but an important one. We also examine your ears for abnormalities, nerves for correct signaling of sound, and the brain for correct interpretation of these sounds.

    A detailed set of reports from your evaluation will allow us to recommend the best avenue toward better hearing.

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  • Tinnitus Treatment Options

    A common ailment afflicting many people as they grow older is tinnitus or ringing in the ears. The noise can be mild or profound, intermittent or constant, and in many cases, greatly affects the sufferer’s quality of life. While the cause is only partially understood, those with tinnitus usually have some level of hearing loss. […]

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