woman with a headache and stress

Anxiety, Depression and Hearing Loss

As you already know, your mental health plays a major role in your life. This affects multiple aspects of how you navigate your day-to-day activities. Everyone has days where they’re not feeling tip-top, and this can be accompanied by feelings such as fatigue, sadness, irritability, anxiety and many others. Sometimes this happens due to personal […]

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What Do You Need to Know About Hearing Loss?

If you believe that you have an issue with your hearing, you need to know all that you can about hearing loss. Hearing loss pertains to trouble you are having with your hearing, whether that’s in one or both ears. Hearing loss is something that can happen suddenly, or it can happen over time. If […]

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What’s a Safe Listening Volume?

While most people name old age, in reality, hearing loss is a degenerative condition. In other words, it means that it is most frequently linked to damage that occurs to your inner ear. The damage can occur through the aging process, but other events can also trigger it. Some medical conditions can contribute to hearing […]

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Signs You Should Get a Hearing Test

The modern world continues to serve up opportunities for humans to have a fuller, richer and more rewarding experiences for us all. However, along with that, there are also some new and interesting ways that we can cause damage to our overall health, and this extends to our auditory system, as well. Often thought of […]

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Hearing Aids Reduce Signs of Aging

Hearing loss is commonly associated with old age, even though a variety of reasons could cause it. Hearing can naturally degenerate in old age, affecting seniors more frequently than the rest of the population. Approximately one-quarter of individuals aged 65-74 experience hearing loss. By age 75 and over, hearing loss can affect half the senior […]

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How To Deal With A Family Member With Hearing Loss?

We all want what’s best for our loved ones. If there’s something that’s not quite right, then our natural inclination is to try and do something about it. However, while sometimes the solution to the issue is obvious, at other times, it’s difficult to understand what exactly the correct course of action to take is.  […]

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How Can Musicians Prevent Tinnitus?

Musicians deal with sound throughout their lives. Depending on how regular they play and how loud their songs are, they’ll have various levels of hearing issues. You can, as a human being, only go so far without having to feel the effects of loud noises hitting your eardrums. While the human body and every aspect […]

hand holding a silver behind the ear hearing aid

How Will Wearing Hearing Aids Change My Life?

Having hearing loss can sometimes cause you to miss out on conversations or feel slightly isolated in a lively and loud environment. When you notice any signs of hearing loss, the best thing you can do is take action as soon as possible to ensure that your quality of life isn’t affected. The truth is, […]

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Why is Custom Hearing Protection Better?

An estimated 50 million Americans experience hearing loss. Therefore, any opportunity to prevent the condition (or stop it from worsening) should be grabbed with both hands. Choosing the right type of hearing protection is one of the most important steps by far. Whether you work on loud construction sites, attend music gigs or swim regularly, […]

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What Are The Best Features Of Hearing Devices?

A lot of people think of the big, clumsy-looking hearing aids when someone mentions devices like this. However, hearing aid technology has developed massively over the years, and we now have some of the most amazing devices for sale, which comes with a whole host of features. To give you a better understanding of this, […]