Hearing Aids Reduce Signs of Aging

woman smiling while being fitted with new hearing aids

Hearing loss is commonly associated with old age, even though a variety of reasons could cause it. Hearing can naturally degenerate in old age, affecting seniors more frequently than the rest of the population. Approximately one-quarter of individuals aged 65-74 experience hearing loss.

By age 75 and over, hearing loss can affect half the senior population. Most people remember fondling a hard-of-hearing grandparent who was wearing hearing aids. Yet, despite the predominance of hearing loss among seniors, it doesn’t mean the condition only affects older adults.

Hearing aids can mitigate hearing issues, ensuring seniors maintain hearing comfort in old age. But getting your hearing checked with an audiologist can do a lot more than getting you the appropriate hearing correction. It can considerably reduce signs of aging. Here’s why hearing aids keep you youthful and healthy. 

You Can Maintain Your Social Connections

Hearing loss can make it hard to meet friends and relatives. It is not fun to watch everybody having a good time when you can’t participate. Conversations can get hard to follow with hearing loss so that you can feel more isolated. Social inactivity is a strong factor in the aging process, as it can contribute to isolation and depression.

Many seniors are often cut off from social interactions as a result of hearing loss. Unfortunately, the situation can aggravate health risks, both physical and mental. Remaining socially active boosts your mental health and helps keep you fit and engaged.

You Can Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Dementia is essential a cognitive and mental decline. Unfortunately, there is no cure for dementia at the time of writing. However, experts advise that maintaining mental activities can preserve your cognitive agility for longer.

Hearing aids can be instrumental in preserving cognitive activities. Indeed, wearing hearing aids can ensure the brain continues to receive and analyze sounds, even if you experience hearing loss. This can maintain one of the most important brain functions, keeping dementia at bay. 

Additionally, hearing loss encourages self-isolation and loneliness, which means that an individual doesn’t have the possibility to engage with others. Mental sharpness can decrease through isolation. 

You Can Engage in New Activities Safely

Nobody wants to be that person who never tries anything new. Being reluctant to try out new things doesn’t just get you the old-fashioned badge in your family and friends circle. It also means people are less likely to reach out to you. Unfortunately, hearing loss makes it difficult to try something new.

You need to be able to hear the instructions and confidently engage with the new technology, activity or conversation. That’s precisely where hearing aids can make a huge difference. You don’t need to stick to out-dating practices and can embrace novelty. 

New activities are instrumental in maintaining mental agility and social contact. 

You Can Hear Potential Threats

Falling is more frequent in old age. A fall can have dramatic consequences for seniors, as the body needs much longer to heal. Besides, bone density decreases with age, which is why falls for seniors often lead to fractures and hospital stays. 

You can fall for a variety of reasons. So, while it is unfair to claim that a fall is an indication of aging, it’s important to appreciate that the likelihood of falling increases with age. Muscle strength shrinks unless you maintain an active lifestyle, and weaker muscles can facilitate falls as the legs grow fatigued.

Seniors often experience balance issues, typically caused by muscular shrinkage and hearing loss. Finally, hearing loss can also make it difficult to walk safely. Without hearing aids, an individual can get startled by people or vehicles appearing on their paths without warning. Indeed, if you can’t hear your surroundings, you are less likely to be confident on your legs. 

You Can Preserve Your Relationships

You all remember an old relative who used to go into an argument with everybody when you were a child. However, the last thing you expect is to turn into the same stubborn old person. Unfortunately, hearing loss can stand between you and your friends and loved ones. Hearing loss leads to misunderstandings as you can’t hear what the other person says. As a result, conflicts are prone to arise. 

Alternatively, your friends may be aware of your condition. They can be trying to be accommodating and raise their voices so you can hear. But it could appear as if they are yelling at you. So, you could get upset and angry, even though the situation never called for a negative reaction. 

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