Hearing Aids

Finding the right hearing aids is an important and personal decision, which is why the audiologists at Sound Advice offer the technology you need to get the most out of your listening experience. Our products range in styles, features and sizes, to ensure you find the most suitable device for your lifestyle, hearing and budget preferences. 

Because we want to meet your individual needs, we have a plethora of different technology available, including: 

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    Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

    Nearly all manufacturers produce wireless connected devices that use Bluetooth technology. These hearing aids are particularly useful with cell phones that can connect directly to the earpiece of your device. Wireless hearing aids can also be tested and adjusted using a computer.

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    Many people, especially those with profound hearing loss, have trouble hearing and speaking on the telephone. CaptionCall is a telephone with a large text screen so people can see what is being said during conversation.

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    Electronic Shooters Protection

    Hearing protection designers developed a sound/vibration operated valve system that instantly closes when a severe shock like a gunshot is discharged. The resulting sound wave hits the sensor in the valve and closes it.

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  • Hearing Aid Styles

    Advances in hearing technology have made it possible to produce a device for every type and severity of hearing loss. Whether your case is mild or profound, there are designs available that will be comfortable and reliable. These styles and more are available at Sound Advice.

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  • Hearing Protection

    Nearly all people are exposed to sound during which they should have hearing protection. Over the decades, the world has become a louder place. Our streets and roads, our workplaces and entertainment centers, and even our homes are far louder than in the past. For these reasons, hearing protection is more a necessity than ever.

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    Oticon Hearing Products

    Oticon wants a world in which hearing loss is no limitation of anyone’s life. The company has been building hearing devices since 1904 and designed one of the world’s first electronic aids.

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    Phonak Hearing Products

    Phonak’s motto, “Life is on,” means that the company’s products put every user closer to life’s experiences and helps make them unforgettable. Phonak makes hearing aids for all hearing loss types and severities.

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    ReSound Hearing Products

    ReSound hearing products are designed to use your ears shape in advanced designs that fit and operate like no others. ReSound makes all types of hearing aids for all severities.

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  • manufacturer signia

    Signia Hearing Products

    Signia specializes in devices that adapt to varied hearing environments so people can hear their best in many locations. Signia products can focus on a conversation directly in front of you and help you hear surrounding sound at the same time.

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    Starkey Hearing Aids

    The people at Starkey know that when you hear better, you live better. They make products designed for every type and severity of hearing loss. Every hearing aid comes with the latest array of features that might include wireless connectivity, recharging capability and self-adjustment.

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Our hearing aids are manufactured by the world’s best, most technically advanced companies. Each company offers unique hearing products featuring the latest innovations in miniaturization, power and features: