How Untreated Hearing Loss Impacts Your Career

man cutting wood while wearing hearing protection

While it can be challenging to live with hearing loss, there are various treatments to make life better. Depending on the symptoms you are presenting, anything from simple earwax removal to hearing aids can be used to address your hearing loss.

Your audiologist can only suggest the above treatments after testing your hearing through a physical exam, screening test, audiometer tests and others. People who experience hearing loss are likely to experience challenges in their social life in terms of personal relationships; they may have low self-esteem and tend to be lonely by isolation.

Perhaps, most significantly, such people may have a hard time being productive in their careers. It can interfere with various things in the workplace. Here is how untreated hearing loss may affect your career.

Employer-Worker Relationship

Hearing loss can affect the relationship you have with your employer. And if you have a higher role in your workplace, experiencing hearing loss can greatly affect the relationship you have with your boss.

This can be how you interact daily, receive assignments, or give feedback. Therefore, it would be best to get diagnosed and treated by a qualified audiologist to foster a positive relationship with your employer. Accepting such a condition can also portray that you have the willingness to deal with issues.

Relationship with Colleagues

Someone with hearing loss will also have challenges associating with work colleagues. It can be challenging to interact and communicate tasks effectively. For instance, if a specific project should be completed within a given period, failure to listen effectively can lead to delay and wastage of resources.

Your colleagues may also get frustrated if you keep on telling them to repeat what they say. Hearing loss can also make a person seem inattentive during project meetings and other discussions. Eventually, your work colleagues may stop including you in various tasks if they feel you will not be active or respond accordingly.

Your Confidence

Another area hearing loss can impact negatively is the level of confidence you have at your workplace. Having tremendous confidence in the workplace can go a long way in improving your interactions with others and improving your work productivity.

However, if you experience hearing loss, you are bound to lose confidence. This happens when you shy away from speaking up during conversations. Hearing loss can also damage your confidence if you have to ask people to repeat obvious things.

Lastly, you may also miss out on vital instructions, which may lead to low productivity, that significantly impacts your confidence.

Getting Promotions

Among the many impacts of hearing loss in the workplace, perhaps, none beats this one. Almost everyone wants to get a promotion at their workplace as this means getting more salary which can help you pay up that mortgage. However, if you experience hearing loss, it can be challenging to get a promotion.

The management of your company might fear that you will be incapable of conducting work effectively. It can be hard for you to listen to instructions from top management and effectively hand them down to lower management or employees. Due to a lack of confidence, you may also be reluctant to apply for that promotion.

Hearing loss should not limit you from achieving your career goals. Sure, there are different ways someone with hearing loss will approach such a situation. Find what will work for you and go for it.