Why is Custom Hearing Protection Better?

man wearing standard ear plugs

An estimated 50 million Americans experience hearing loss. Therefore, any opportunity to prevent the condition (or stop it from worsening) should be grabbed with both hands. Choosing the right type of hearing protection is one of the most important steps by far.

Whether you work on loud construction sites, attend music gigs or swim regularly, every audiologist will confirm the prevention is the best form of hearing protection. While standard disposable earplugs work well, custom hearing protection is the ultimate solution. 

Increased hearing protection

Most importantly, custom-molded earplugs provide better performance because they are designed specifically to match your ear. The perfect fit ensures optimal hearing protection, which can prevent your ears from gradual and long-term hearing loss. Moreover, they will reduce the likelihood of tinnitus symptoms. 

Whether you already experience mild hearing loss or simply wish to stay on top of your hearing protection, custom earmolds deliver the best solution.

Improved comfort 

When wearing standard disposable hearing protection, it is likely that the size and design will differ slightly from the dimensions of your ears. As such, over-the-counter options sometimes fall out or cause an itching sensation. Conversely, custom hearing protection is built specifically around you, meaning optimal comfort is assured.

It might not make a big difference when only wearing them for a few minutes (like a fireworks display), but users needing them for longer periods can benefit from custom protection.

Better hygiene

Because pathogenic bacteria can grow on warm and moist surfaces, wearing standard foam earplugs can cause infections. Custom molded hearing protection earplugs are made from better materials that do not carry those health risks. Many items are coated in an anti-bacterial solution to promote added hygiene too.

They are easy to clean throughout the day. When stored in a case when not in use, they offer a safe and hygienic solution for long-term usage.

Long-term affordability

The perceived costs of custom hearing protection are the biggest turn-off by far. After all, off-the-shelf foam earplugs are very cheap. However, the fact that they need replacing after each use means that the costs will soon accumulate. Conversely, custom earmolds require an initial outlay but will pay for themselves in the long run due to their durability.

Moreover, they can be worn in a variety of situations ranging from sleep to swimming, music listening to working in busy environments. So, you won’t need multiple pairs.

Reduced environmental impact

Every audiologist will tell you that suitable hearing protection is crucial at all ages. However, environmentally-conscious users will be a little concerned about continually throwing foam earplugs in the trash. This is not an issue with custom hearing protection as you will wear the same products again and again, thus making them a greener option.

Custom hearing protection delivers the same benefits as standard earplugs with a host of added features. To find out more, call your trusted audiologist today.

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